AIESEC reunites young leaders in conference in Vietnam

International Presidents Meeting is held in February

On the night of February 19, the streets of Vietnam will be filled with colors, noises and firecrackers. People will be enjoying the Vietnamese New Year, also known as Tet – a short version of an expression that means “Feast of the First Morning of the First Day”. The holiday celebrates the rise of a new year according to the Vietnamese calendar, but in 2015 not only locals will be charmed by the country’s tradition. More than 200 young faces, representing 125 countries and territories, are joining the celebration since Vietnam is hosting for the first time one of the most important AIESEC conferences.

International Presidents Meeting

Every year, February is the date of the International Presidents Meeting delivery. It is an occasion where the elected and current National Presidents of the countries and territories that are part of the organization get together to discuss the entity’s future. However, the 10-days conference is not the only attraction of this international reunion. Under the name Global Youth Summit, this year edition gathers different events under the theme “youth and sustainable success”. The pillars that are the base of this topic are passion, capability and goodwill; Hang Tran is the final responsible of the event’s preparation and she explains that those values combined together are a way to reach individual success and the development that our society needs. “We want to inspire young people to live with purpose, to be open-minded and to do good for others”, says her.

The agenda is full and there will be a lot going on. If you cannot wait to be there, check it out the to-do list!


To-Do List!

Two huge debate spaces will take place during the Summit on February 10 (Vietnam to the World Forum) and February 16 (Global YouthSpeak Forum). If you like sharing ideas and being inspired by amazing stories of people changing the world, these are the places to be! Both occasions are bringing speakers to present their views during panels, promoting discussions that will culminate with concrete activities in workshops and networking activities.

What is the point of reuniting so many cultures in one place if they cannot show a little bit of their homes, right? The afternoon of February 10 will bring a lot of surprises and probably cultural shocks in the format of food, music, clothes and dances while AIESEC’s 125 entities are represented in stands and artistic presentations at the Global Village. Get ready to walk around and visit the five continents in just a few hours! More than 6 thousand registrations were already received.

Last but no least, young leaders of the most diverse realities are going to share the day to day and their thoughts while dreaming about the next generation of AIESEC at global level. On one hand, the current National Presidents, who have already crossed half of their one-year term, are going to share their experience so far and get refreshed for the next months of work. On the other hand, AIESECers that have just been elected to lead their countries from July 2015 on will start officially the preparation for this new challenge. In addition, this conference has a huge importance to the organization because it is the occasion when the International AIESEC President is known. To sum up, the election process and the discussions about AIESEC future are the principle goals of the AIESEC Global Conference.



After Serbia, in 2013, and China, in 2014, it is time to Vietnam to host the international conference. In less than two weeks, AIESECers from everywhere will be heading to Ho Chi Minh, former Saigon, and the largest city in Vietnam. More than 7 million people live in this colorful city, which is the country’s economic heart.

The Global Summit is important to AIESEC for the reasons already listed in this article, but Hang guarantees the conference is priceless to the country as well. “We will prove to externals that we are relevant to Vietnam and we are making positive impact to society”, explains her. Hang is young still, but she has already lived several experiences in AIESEC that brought her to the position of Congress Committee President and it’s a big deal: more than one year managing a 29 people team in order to provide the best conference for its delegates is a tough job. However, Hang affirms that this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. “It was tough and challenging, but also very memorable. My proudest moment is when I see 29 members growing with this project. And their impact later will matter”, ends her.

What is the impact of the Global Youth Summit in the world? Do not lose the upcoming news about it over here and in the event’s official website.

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